REQUESTS! + Etsy + Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello everybody! To all of you who still read my page, thanks for sticking by me all these years, even when I haven't been around that much. If anyone is still interested in requests, I'm offering my services - please leave me a comment with your favorite inspirational quote or poem & I will create either an icon or banner for you based on the words. If you'd like a banner please leave the dimensions you'd like below it.

Oh, and check out my new Etsy shop! I'll be adding more art to it in the near future for anyone interested :o)

Thanks, everyone! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


Peek-a-boo! Anyone out there? Just wondering if there are still enough people active on LJ that follow this little journal and would like to see more icons/banners/graphics?

I guess it depends on how many comments I get, but I miss lazy afternoons of icon making and just wonder if enough people are still interested?

Let me know! :o)


Illustration time! These artists are amazing. I highly suggest looking into their work. Included are 42 icons and 10 friends only banners. Please credit these amazing people, and enjoy! :o)

[x42} Icons
[x10} Friends Only Banners

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La Femme

This post celebrates the female form, and just being a girl in general ;o)

Thanks for all the help in my last post. I will definitely take the suggestions to heart. Please feel free to continue adding requests, as I do read every comment and make note of all suggestions. Thanks - now enjoy!

P.S. - slight nudity warning

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artist: Louise Brierley

I want to hear from you. What would you like to see? Ideas? Images? Inspiration?

I want to create things that you'll use, so please let me know.
I'm so ready to start cranking out more on this journal, and I'd really like your help. Thank you!

every bobby needs a hobby

I've been playing around with the idea of starting my own online shop for sometime now. Recently I started making jewelry and thought I'd share some of my work, just to see what you lovely people think of them and if they'd be worth selling? Do any of you have your own online shop? If so, share your link! Tell us all about it!

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Requests, Part III

At long last, the third and final installment of your requests are done! My apologies for taking so long to complete them, but I had quite a few requests! Thanks to everyone who did so, I hope you enjoy them! Here is part one & part two in case you missed them!
These are all shareable!!!

[x12] Icons
[x10] Headers/Info Banners

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